3 D Mapping using Google Earth and Sketchup

There are a few scripts that can be downloaded from the ArcScripts website that create KML files that can be read in Google Earth and eventually ArcExplorer-ArcGIS.  SketchUp is a 3d graphics program that can import building footprint information and then export into a Geodatabase or a KML file.  With SketchUp you can modify the look of the building and add building features like doors and windows and some textures.  This has increased the quality of information our preplans and ability to view information.  Sketchup comes in two forms.  The free version for home use and the professional version for business use. Some of the benefits of SketchUp include

  • Viewing in Google Earth
  • Exporting to an ESRI Geodatabase

Some of the uses for the fire service can include

  • Pre-Incident planning
  • Promotion assessment centers
  • Post Incident Analysis