Geography for Firefighters

What is Geography

According to Wikipedia

“Geography is the study of the earth and its features, inhabitants, and phenomena”

Geography is something that everyone deals with everyday.  This is especially true of firefighters.  Part of being a good firefighter is “knowing your area”.  We spend countless hours responding quickly to emergencies without giving it a second thought to to how our area comes to be.  We instinctively know where patients live we see a lot, which fire hydrants we may of taken, or which is the best route to take to a call even against the recommendations of a computer based system.

The key points for firefighters to remember about geography

  • Everything around you can be mapped
  • Those locations can be mapped based on a X & Y coordinate
  • All features on a map can be represented on a map by generally a point, line, or polygon.  The dominate technology used to maintain this information today is GIS


What is GIS Data