Guideline for Architects and Engineers for Helping Fire Department Pre-Incident Planning


Architects and Engineers are a valuable asset in helping fire departments gather information about building systems, hazards present, and access information.  It is also an excellent opportunity to build good relationship with the fire department.  Important information can be collected from the building developer.  This information includes

  • Access information
    • Doors
    • Windows
    • Roof, attic, and crawl space access
  • Alarms Panels
  • Elevators, Including what kind of elevator
  • Stairwells
    • Including stairwell label
  • Escalators
  • Fire Department Features
    • Fire lanes
    • Standpipe and Sprinkler Connections
    • Sprinkler Risers
    • Knox boxes
    • Fire walls or fire related barriers

CAD File Recommendations

Most developers have their buildings created in some for of a CAD (Computer Aided Design) format, usually AutoCAD.  This is a recommended approach to creating a firefighter friendly file

  1. In the layers identify the layers that are most helpful to the fire department by an “FD-” and then the layer name
    For Example:  “FD_Windows” or “FD_Doors”  to show the features of most vaule to the fire department
  2. Attached are a couple of simple CAD drawing for you to reference
  3. If possible, orient the drawing to real world coordinates.  If this isn’t something that you aren’t equipped to do don’t worry about it.