Identifying Safety Hazards on a Preplan

One of the things that is often lacking in preplans is identifying safety hazards.  Current NFPA standards fdon’t really reflect and There are ways to show hazards to both firefighters and civilians on the preplan diagram.  A proposal  for showing safety hazards is to use a consistent symbol on the diagram.  There are several commonly recognized symbols including

There are several option to symbolize something that may be a hazard.  The yellow triangle with an explanation point is a internationally recognized symbol.  For a complete list of check the symbols page for a list of what we have created.  In addition, the guys in Surrey BC also have several innovative ways to symbolize information on a preplan.


One symbol that is used is this one

Below is a sample of the hazard displayed on a building showing Poor Radio Reception and Do Not Enter Structure

Chris Rogers

I am currently a Lieutenant with the Kirkland fire department in Washington State. I've been in the fire service for over 30 years true I also hold a degree in cartography with a GIS emphasis from the University of Idaho