Mobile Mapping Software

Mobile MappingI get a lot of questions about in vehicle mapping and what is the best solution. I have evaluated several products and I can tell you that all of them are good products. First of all I’ll tell you my bias, the best option for mapping software is software created in a recognized GIS software. The most common application use MapObjects or the newer ArcObjects created by ESRI. There are application based on other mapping applications including MapInfo or Integraph, but the dominate applications are ones created by ESRI.
There are other applications that use as there building blocks Microsoft Maps or a similar application with canned data. These are great applications since they tend to be fast and the data is already available. There are a couple of major problems
• The base data is only updateable when Microsoft updates their information
• There isn’t an ability to add other information such as hydrant data directly
Of the ESRI based mapping components there are MapObject and ArcObjects.
• Mapobjects is an older set of building blocks that the majority of mobile mapping applications are written in. This seems to be usually due to the fact that the routing or “direction” components are tried and true. However the cartography of the maps created are somewhat simple and in the near future (if it isn’t already) it won’t be supported bye ESRI
• ArcObjects is the newer building block for GIS software. The abiities are much more robust with the notable exception of routing in the same for as in MapObjects. I understand that this is being remedied.
This is my thinking in a Nutshell. Give a shout if you have any questions.